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DA,SR actuators

double acting rotary actuator and 90 ° angle stroke spring return actuator handwheel and the output shaft eccentric load generated by a low coefficient of friction alcohol just shrink aldehyde bearing to bear.
  Internal gear rack, dual piston design, the output shaft is integral with the pinion.
  Honed cylinder surface, the bearing pad (acetal shaft spacer) piston guide ring has a low frictional resistance, can absorb piston side thrust.
  All sealed using permanently lubricated nitrile rubber O-ring, in normal operating conditions, without re-lubrication.
  Standard shaft mounting holes for the positive square, in line ISO5211/DIN3337, easy and stem connection. And 45 °rotation angle of installation.
  Supply holes NAMUR-compliant, easy to solenoid valves installed directly.
  Operating temperature range -20 ℃ ~ +95 ℃, special temperature -50 ℃ ~ +180 ℃.
  Single-acting and double-acting actuators the same size as the spring stable and reliable.
  All products in the factory, have been rigorously tested, each actuator are marked with production code, easy identification and tracking service
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